Thursday, March 26, 2009

Battle of Grandmasters round 4: four for four for So!

Four had tried, but none prevails. You heard it right, it's four for four for So. And many had foresaw it. Though I'm betting my candy that Wesley could finish the tournament undefeated, there is one alarming fact that I noticed. The Philippines has only Wesley So and no one else. I hope I could be proven wrong but it really turning out to be. Anyways, Norway has only Magnus Carlsen, right ;)

Round 4 on 2009/03/26 at 1500

112GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr1 - 0GMGONZALES Jayson8
29GMSO Wesley1 - 0IMNOLTE Rolando7
310IMDABLEO Ronald0 - 1GMTORRE Eugenio6
411GMPARAGUA Mark½ - ½GMGOMEZ John Paul5
51IMSADORRA Julio Catalino1 - 0GMVILLAMAYOR Buenaventura4
62IMBITOON Richard½ - ½GMLAYLO Darwin3

Rank after Round 4

NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1GMSO WesleyPHI26274,00,00,07,00
2GMANTONIO Rogelio JrPHI25193,00,00,04,50
3IMBITOON RichardPHI24732,50,50,05,50
4GMLAYLO DarwinPHI25042,50,50,04,00
5GMGOMEZ John PaulPHI25392,50,00,02,50
6GMPARAGUA MarkPHI25372,00,00,03,50
7GMTORRE EugenioPHI25602,00,00,01,75
8IMNOLTE RolandoPHI24881,50,00,03,00
9IMSADORRA Julio CatalinoPHI24451,50,00,02,25
10GMGONZALES JaysonPHI24681,00,00,01,75
11GMVILLAMAYOR BuenaventuraPHI24711,00,00,00,50
12IMDABLEO RonaldPHI24320,50,00,01,25

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I like the cadence!