Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alas! But these young men are the future leaders of my country

Here's a preview of some of the future leaders of my country I love and served. I've already seen this on TV but you can still catch up the full stories at

"The group of naked men, reportedly numbering 24 and reportedly all belonging to APO fraternity, ran through the University Belt area carrying placards. They were reportedly protesting a host of issues, among them the rising cost of tuitions in universities...

"Authorities reportedly let the naked runners continue with their protest while curious male and female onlookers reportedly had fun watching and taking pictures with their cameras and mobile phones."

This is unreal. This can't be happening in my country. Now I shouted out, what on earth do these young, "educated" men think they are doing in the streets of University Belt in Manila? Why the #*@%! they have to parade in the streets with their ugly genitals all bare for everyone to see? Can somebody explained to me a more logical and reasonable explanation to this? I'm confused. If they have any problems with their school superiors, they should do that inside their own campus and not in the streets of 10 million plus populace of the city! Could you believe it, thousands of shocked children and women (some of them screaming in wild frenzy, their boyfriends I presume, oh boy) witness first hand on what could be the worst manifestation of the so called "Freedom of Expression" in recent years. For the authorities why are you allowing this to happen?

Sorry for my sudden outburst, you see this blog is pretty tame but such acts should not be tolerated and disciplinary actions they rightfully deserved must be impose!

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andrade said...

Bunch of bullshit! why terrorist are not targeting this idiots instead? bunch of bullshit!