Friday, March 27, 2009

Hold on, let us make it clear

Although the Battle of GMs do not have an official site, I listed below some of the major media links that provides full coverage of the "Battle Of GMs" for your enjoyment. These sites are usually one day or even two days delayed in publishing the results, if you can put up with that, but they provides complete details of the results of the tournament. Please allow me to kindly reminds you that this blog is non monetized and 100% free of any commercial ads to make it very clear, sirs, I'm not being paid for giving you updates about the tournament nor I have any business venture with any chess organizations, sites et al, nor I am asking for any donations from anyone. I have a full time job and a freelancer.



timhortons knight chess blog said... wesley so page could beat all these media outlet to a draw when it comes to stalking wesley so may it be online or in real life.

NM glen bordonada is announcing to the site all the blow by blow game of wesley so, to the point of annotating it, regge tee is kibitzing there too, mrs so the mother of wesley likewise is kibitzing there too, wesley lastly acknowledge the more than a 150 active chess fan of him base at by answering there question online, in recognition of the prodigy gave wesley so a full membership account, these bestowed only to few member, one who receive such grant is nigel short.

Des Catolos said...

thanks chesspatzer. I was invited to join the "barangay" many times in the past but at the moment I don't own any account of but I usually eavesdropping there. These people are some of the most chess literate people around despite their naivety in some ways :)One of this days I'll register an account and join the barangay.