Thursday, March 5, 2009

ChessHeroes is one year old! My power, my pleasure, my pain

Exactly 365 days ago, I started this chess blog. CH came to existence as a mere writing exercises, humbly meant for a small number of chess lovers from my small community but it is now heading to a more ambitious path, so it appears. Now for my own bragging rights. For a year, I'm posting almost non-stop (we have already 376 entries, an average of 1.07 post per day!) despite having a back breaking 8-5 office job, it is still very much alive and kicking. You will see me blogging at home, at the office (during break time), at the cafe and coffee shop, practically everywhere, when time allows. Friends and families are getting jealous of my laptop, some are getting worried. And I couldn't blame them. Recent research and studies reveals that keeping a regularly updated blog is one of the most unhealthiest of lifestyle. An alarming article from backs that theory. And I couldn't agree more. Yup, your CH author is also one hell of a stressful individual! My sleeping disorder and chronic back pains grew even worse. Mind you, CH is a free blog. It is now totally free of any commercial ads. Yours truly is also a proud member and strong supporter of Animal Welfare movement in the Philippines ;)


boy lopez said...

hinay, hinay lang pre baka tumanda ka kaagad! LOL

Catolos said...

Thank you boy lopez, I'm doing fine. In fact I feel much younger :)