Saturday, March 28, 2009

Susan Polgar's sense of humor

Oh Susan, you must be kidding us!

The moment my eyes laid on Susan Polgar blog new header foreground, they grow twice it's normal size then my lips follow through, twitched a little and it suddenly broke into a clench smile. No way. Never in my wildest dream that Susan would adopt such strange design to one of the most popular chess blog in the web. The Alien vs Predator playing chess? She maybe a predator at the chessboard, but no, it's not Susan. I thought it was kinda teen age choice, reminds me a lot of friendster, myspace and multiply but anyway, it's definitely looks cool and it would appeal a lot with the younger ones.


chessescudero said...

I actually enjoy your entries here. I'm also a chess lover, but really a patzer. Keep this up and more power!

I'm ChessEscudero from Barangay Wesley of

Catolos said...

I'll be joining the barangay soon, I promise. In fact, who wouldn't want to join a community that solidly follow and support their chairman?

boy lopez said...

sama ka na sa barangay! your insights and opinion would be of great value to us. there are lots of Filipino chess blogger there and together we will conquer the whole of chess community.