Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Battle of GMs" round 2 and 3. Dapitan, a Waterloo for Torre

Eugene Torre, Asia's first grandmaster and one of the most successful player ever to come out of Asia, may had somehow finally came to terms with the fact that in round 3 in Dapitan at the "Battle of GMs", he lost to a fifteen year old kid that virtually sealed off his name for good among the immortal of Philippine. We all know Napoleon Bonaparte. He conquered most of Europe. He fought many great battles but ironically, he was best remember by one, humiliating defeat at the battle of Waterloo, his last chance for glory, against a young and upstart military commander, the Duke of Wellington. Yet this defeat assured Napoleon the everlasting fame. Eugene Torre, the great that he is, will be somehow be assured of greatness, despite the defeat, because of a young super talent that may someday would challenge for a world championship. Cheers for GM Eugene Torre everyone, cheers!

Round 2 on 2009/03/25 at 0900
112GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr½ - ½IMNOLTE Rolando7
28GMGONZALES Jayson½ - ½GMTORRE Eugenio6
39GMSO Wesley1 - 0GMGOMEZ John Paul5
410IMDABLEO Ronald0 - 1GMVILLAMAYOR Buenaventura4
511GMPARAGUA Mark½ - ½GMLAYLO Darwin3
61IMSADORRA Julio Catalino½ - ½IMBITOON Richard2

Round 3 on 2009/03/25 at 1630
12IMBITOON Richard½ - ½GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr12
23GMLAYLO Darwin1 - 0IMSADORRA Julio Catalino1
34GMVILLAMAYOR Buenaventura0 - 1GMPARAGUA Mark11
45GMGOMEZ John Paul1 - 0IMDABLEO Ronald10
56GMTORRE Eugenio0 - 1GMSO Wesley9
67IMNOLTE Rolando½ - ½GMGONZALES Jayson8

Rank after Round 3

NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1GMSO WesleyPHI26273,00,00,04,00
2IMBITOON RichardPHI24732,00,50,02,75
3GMANTONIO Rogelio JrPHI25192,00,50,02,25
4GMGOMEZ John PaulPHI25392,00,00,01,50
5GMLAYLO DarwinPHI25042,00,00,01,50
6GMPARAGUA MarkPHI25371,50,00,02,00
7IMNOLTE RolandoPHI24881,50,00,02,00
8GMTORRE EugenioPHI25601,00,50,01,25

GMGONZALES JaysonPHI24681,00,50,01,25
10GMVILLAMAYOR BuenaventuraPHI24711,00,00,00,50
11IMSADORRA Julio CatalinoPHI24450,50,00,01,00

IMDABLEO RonaldPHI24320,50,00,01,00

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