Monday, March 16, 2009

The chess all-star games that is Amber

Strange occurrences at Amber. Former leader of the tournament after two rounds and defending champion Levon Aronian, blundered a piece on his 17th move, thinking that his black-squared bishop was placed on f8 instead of e7!

17...Qxe5?? 18.Rxe5 1-0.

Strange! Though Amber parades some of the biggest names in chess, Amber is definitely not your usual tough, competitive chess tournament. Amber chess fascinates me more than it impressed me. For one, Amber is just an equivalent to an NBA All-Star Game. NBA have the three point shoot out, slam dunk etc. Amber chess on the other hand boast of fascinating blindfold matches.

However, it is always a sight to see these elite GM's make a fool of themselves in blindfold games even once in while :)

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