Friday, July 31, 2009

The worst and best chess commercials ever?

Just my opinion here. Going through every available chess commercials in youtube, here's my verdict.

The worst ever?

The best ever?

Levon Aronian Simul games

Talking about GM Joey Antonio's upcoming simultaneous exhibition matches this Saturday at Meralco. GM Levon Aronian likewise open the Mainz Chess Classic with a traditional simul on 40 boards. He was undefeated with just six draws.

Levon Aronian:
Well, I like simultaneous events. I think it is a friendly way to give amateurs the opportunity to play with a top player. The most important factor in a simul is time. Since Vishy is such a fast player, I am not sure I can keep pace with his speed. And his score record is not on my mind. I don’t look for the points. I just try to have fun and entertain my opponents.

Photo and full interview from Chessbase

Thursday, July 30, 2009

PAWS-Purina TV Campaign deserves another look

Time out from chess. Allow me to sneak this one...

I noticed that this TV campaign by Purina and PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society no longer aired in local channel these days. I'm not promoting Purina products here, let me clear about that but I'm after the video and the message it's trying to convey with the public. This blogger is a staunch supporter of PAWS and other animal welfare movement in the country for years. Each videos lasted for only 30 seconds. Please take a moment to watch them.

Sadly, this is a typical scene here in the Philippines that some people are so used to it they don't even care.

Dog version

Cat version

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Darwin Laylo and Alberto Contador, down the stretch they both have something in common

The other day, I was watching the final stage of 2009 Tour de France. Going into penultimate lap of the tour, the eventual champion, Alberto Contador of Spain, was way way ahead on time to his closest pursuers, that includes his teammate, 7 time champion, Lance Armstrong. At this point of event, protecting the lead is the major plan. One would need to just pace himself, stick around with the pelaton and keep his eyes on the rest of his closest rivals. Now, if you will apply the scenario to chess, Contador would just need to draw his two remaining games and the title was his. But Contador has a different idea, though. He rides very aggressive with each remaining laps. And he was successful! Eventually, the time gap widen into almost unreachable situation for Armstrong and the rest to catch him up.

Needless to say, a draw by Darwin Laylo against Singaporean GM and second seed Zhang Zhong in the final round would guarantee him the title of Zonal 3.3 and a slot at the World Cup of chess this coming November in Russia. But like Contador, Darwin has a different idea! When everyone (including this blogger) expecting a quick, mutual draw, he pulled off a surprise win against Zhang Zhong! I'm not sure if Laylo is following the tour de France but if he's not, then the win drew inspiration from ones natural fighting and competitive instinct. Note: Laylo has a tournament performance rating of 2795, finishing the Zonal undefeated with 7 wins and just 2 draws.

In other development, despite three lackluster drawn games, GM Wesley So find himself qualified for the WCC by agreeing to halve the point with Nguyen Ngoc Truoc Son in the final round, thus joining Rogelio Antonio and Darwin Laylo in the process. This is the first time that three Filipinos, of three different generations, will see action in the World Cup of Chess.

Asian Zonal 3.3 Final Rankings


NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
1PHIGMLaylo DarwinPHI24948,049,042,75984,993,0100,0
2PHIGMSo WesleyPHI26466,550,035,0096,56,65-0,1500,0
3VIEGMNguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE25926,050,031,75966,27-0,2700,0
4PHIGMParagua MarkPHI24876,047,030,25965,110,8900,0
5INAGMMegaranto SusantoINA25346,046,028,50966,64-0,6400,0
6MASIMMas HafizulhelmiMAS23916,044,028,50964,691,3100,0
7VIEGMDao Thien HaiVIE25526,043,529,00967,01-1,0100,0
8SINGMZhang ZhongSIN26135,550,028,0095,56,24-0,7400,0
9VIEIMNguyen Thanh SonVIE24445,545,528,0095,56,17-0,6700,0
10VIEIMDuong The AnhVIE24405,544,524,0095,55,340,1600,0
11VIECMNguyen Van HuyVIE24145,541,521,7595,55,62-0,1200,0
12VIECMTran Thanh TuVIE22585,539,520,7595,54,301,2000,0
13VIEFMNguyen Duc HoaVIE23315,539,022,2574,53,411,0900,0
Le Quang LongVIE22795,537,522,0095,54,990,5100,0
15JPNFMKojima ShinyaJPN23235,537,019,0084,54,240,2600,0
16VIEIMNguyen Huynh Minh HuyVIE25005,047,525,25955,58-0,5800,0
17PHIIMBitoon RichardPHI24955,047,022,75955,83-0,8300,0
Vo Thanh NinhVIE23405,046,522,25843,550,4500,0
Tran Ngoc LanVIE21765,046,022,00952,202,8000,0
20VIEFMTon That Nhu TungVIE22275,045,021,00952,162,8400,0
21VIECMNguyen Hoang NamVIE23205,043,522,2584,53,890,6100,0
22VIEFMPham ChuongVIE23645,042,021,50954,820,1800,0
23PHIIMNolte RolandoPHI24585,041,523,00956,12-1,1200,0
24VIEGMNguyen Anh DungVIE24745,038,019,25956,96-1,9600,0
Bao KhoaVIE21614,550,524,0094,51,463,0400,0
26SINFMChan Wei-Xuan TimothySIN23444,547,021,7594,53,201,3000,0
27PHIGMTorre EugenioPHI25604,544,018,7594,56,95-2,4500,0
28VIEFMLy Hong NguyenVIE23024,542,519,7594,54,210,2900,0
29SINFMLo Kin Mun DominicSIN21544,542,019,50842,031,9700,0
30MGLFMBatchuluun TsegmedMGL23844,540,017,5094,54,450,0500,0
31SINFMChan Yi-Ren DanielSIN23584,537,516,5094,56,01-1,5100,0
32JPNFMWatanabe AkiraJPN23394,537,013,0094,55,63-1,1300,0
33VIEGMBui VinhVIE25174,043,016,50835,86-2,8600,0
34JPNCMBaba MasahiroJPN22294,041,015,50944,50-0,5000,0
35VIEIMTu Hoang ThaiVIE24054,039,515,75946,33-2,3300,0

VIECMNguyen Van HaiVIE22494,039,515,75944,06-0,0600,0
37SINFMChua Zheng Yuan TerrySIN22264,039,515,25832,990,0100,0
38VIECMNguyen Van ThanhVIE21734,038,012,2572,52,480,0200,0
Nguyen Minh TuanVIE04,036,016,5094

Le Minh HoangVIE19414,033,07,50511,07-0,0700,0
Nguyen Manh TruongVIE21603,539,011,5093,53,350,1500,0
Tran Quoc DungVIE21963,537,011,7593,53,92-0,4200,0
43VIECMLe Huu ThaiVIE18733,536,510,50831,461,5400,0
Nguyen Hung CuongVIE20353,536,013,25723,01-1,0100,0
45VIEFMVuong Trung HieuVIE19643,535,510,7582,51,710,7900,0
Nguyen Sy HungVIE20133,534,59,2561,51,020,4800,0
Dang Duy LinhVIE20843,033,59,00823,77-1,7700,0
Do Hoang LamVIE03,033,09,2593

Nguyen Van Toan ThanhVIE18133,032,58,50931,521,4800,0
Dang The NamVIE21242,531,58,50712,71-1,7100,0
Srivachirawat KannaponTHA22562,038,06,00522,28-0,2800,0
Wiwatanadate PoompongTHA19792,029,04,2570,52,56-2,0600,0
Nguyen Huu Hoang AnhVIE20861,538,55,2561,51,68-0,1800,0
Le Dinh Nguyen AnhVIE01,532,01,2580,5