Friday, July 31, 2009

Levon Aronian Simul games

Talking about GM Joey Antonio's upcoming simultaneous exhibition matches this Saturday at Meralco. GM Levon Aronian likewise open the Mainz Chess Classic with a traditional simul on 40 boards. He was undefeated with just six draws.

Levon Aronian:
Well, I like simultaneous events. I think it is a friendly way to give amateurs the opportunity to play with a top player. The most important factor in a simul is time. Since Vishy is such a fast player, I am not sure I can keep pace with his speed. And his score record is not on my mind. I don’t look for the points. I just try to have fun and entertain my opponents.

Photo and full interview from Chessbase

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rjsolcruz said...

Gm joey was also undefeated, 18 W and 6 draws also.