Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wesley So, joins the rest of Philippine contingent in Vietnam

After last night inquiry, here's Mrs Leny So, the very supportive mother of GM Wesley So, final message to all Wesley's fans.

Hi. Yes that is true. I learned it yesterday from Mr. Tee thru text message while I was attending CFO/Controller's Summit in Manila. I do not know the reasons (Wesley's sudden decision). You may ask Mr. Tee? I think Wesley is now ready, mentally, physically and emotionally. He must be happy with what he is doing.

He is supposed to go to Roxas City and Boracay tomorrow, July 23-24 for a free vacation courtesy of his school's owner, Honorable Mayor Arturo Orosca and on July 29-30 to Tacloban Leyte for a chess simul thru Sir Roca.

Our apology to them for the last minute change in Wes' sched.

ChessHeroes wish GM Wesley So and the rest of our Filipino players, namely GM Eugene Torre, GM Darwin Laylo, GM Mark Paragua, IM Richard Bitoon, IM Rolando Nolte as well our female players, WFM Chardine Camacho, WFM Sherily and Shercila Cua, and Catherine Perena all the best of luck!

-Asian Zonal 3.3 official website


chezka said...

Can you provide me please the official website of the tournament?


By D.T. Catolos said...


You can check it back now. I have already inserted it at the bottom of my post.

boy lopez said...

god speed!