Friday, July 17, 2009

Wesley So interview at Chessdom

Just received this info from our friends and contacts over there at that GM Wesley So is featured in an interview on their site. Just follow the links they have provided for us.

Dear D.T. Catolos,

Chessdom has posted an interview with Wesley So at If I understood well, you are also in contact with other bloggers from the Philippines...

Best regards,

Goran Urosevic
Chessdom Chief Editor

Please read this: Let me reiterate about the "allegations" by some about ChessHeroes: ChessHeroes is not associated to Chessdom whatsoever or any chess site or individual that's why I think it's fitting to post their emails here :). Chessdom, like the rest of chess sites, are most welcome to send to yours truly the information they want to share with Filipino chess enthusiasts from time to time or re-publish the content of ChessHeroes.


Jonas said...

Is NM Marlon Bernardino does not associate with your blog? Just curious :)

By D.T. Catolos said...

Actually, I'm not. He's a good friend of this blog that's all.

thank you..:)

D.T. Catolos

Goran Urosevic said...

Hi all,

I wasn't aware of the "allegations" and I don't know the details. (If someone could direct me to relevant links?)

I emailed D.T. Catalos simply because we at Chessdom like to maintain contact with people who are active in posting. Certainly I didn't have to do that since the interview would appear in the RSS feed on the right, among other chess sites.

Goran Urosevic

Anonymous said...

the spammers at Wesley So page I beleive?

By D.T. Catolos said...

Thanks everyone.

It all started with my post regarding Eugene Torre, No Recession for Eugene Torre, April 2 2009. Incidentally, asked my permission to re-published it, with my consent of course. Kind readers of this chess blog posted the links to a popular Philippine boxing site forum, but others thinks that it was but a spam! I left a comment on the forum, introduced myself as the author of chessheroes, and that I'm not the one who provides the link to my own blog and chessdom but thanked anyway the reader who find my post quite informative and deserves to be share with every Filipino chess enthusiasts.

From then on, some of my entries appeared on my blog, if they find it interesting, has been a regular sight on that website.

as the saying goes, All's well that ends well...

Goran Urosevic said...

Thank you and keep up with good work