Thursday, July 16, 2009

Filipino Chess Bloggers

Yours truly, D.T. Catolos will momentarily leave the stage for this one.
To all readers of this blog. Please take a moment to what fellow chess blogger, Rustic of Malibay chess blog has to say...

The three your service

Pinoy chess bloggers
By Rusticbull, Malibay Chess Blog

Meet three of the very few Philippine chess bloggers: rusticbull (malibaychessclub); catolos (chessheroes); and pulsar (chessph).

[How we wished Kiko of philippinechesschronicles were with us.]

Any idea on what we talked about when we met each other face-to-face?

Of course, chess – but more specifically on the blogging life of a chess blogger.

We asked ourselves: why do we blog about Philippine chess? Believe me, we could not readily give the answers to our own questions.

Why do we have to take pains in giving our efforts, time – and even financial resources – in writing about Philippine chess with nothing in return?

Our faces were blank.

But we were in unison in saying that we should be of service to you – our dear avid readers – who keep on coming back to our blogs for news and updates about our chess heroes.

We treat it as a self-imposed mission to keep you informed of the events, happenings, direction, goals, aspirations and dreams of the people and institutions that encompass Philippine chess.

So keep on journeying with us as we all explore the beauty of this sport that has become a significant part of our lives.

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Wherever you are, it is the place to start. The effort you expend today does make a difference.