Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joel Benjamin decry FM title, so what exactly is USCF Senior Master then?

Here's USCF blogger GM Joel Benjamin recent cheap shot at FIDE Master title:

I have to say, I have never heard a developing player define FIDE Master as a career goal. Master yes, grandmaster and international master of course, but an ill-respected title invented by FIDE to squeeze more money from title applications? Well, to each his own.

From GM Joel on How to Make an FM

Take a look at this. Recently, USCF Senior chess master and stepson of former US Open co-champ, IM Enrico Sevillano, John Daniel Bryant was here in Manila to conduct a simultaneous exhibition match (scroll down the page). I have to admit that I rarely heard the title "USCF Senior chess master". What's behind the title? Is it equivalent to Candidate Master? A National Master? a FIDE Master? With rating of 2449, John Daniel could easily earn the FIDE Master, if not International Master title, the latter, it depends of course. But he belongs to none of those. Surely then, it is not FIDE sanction title, right? He is a Senior Master-in the United States. Is senior master the USCF version of WWE Intercontinental champion, a title belt just below the more prestigious World Heavyweight Champion? Curious on what exactly the title is, I inquire the web, naturally. When I google USCF Senior chess master , believe it or not, this chess blog, ChessHeroes came up on top of the search list as if I can provide answers to my own inquiry. I was thinking, are there discrepancies between FIDE Master title and the USCF Senior chess master, an "ill-respected title" invented by both chess organizations?

Just asking.

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