Sunday, July 26, 2009

GM Joey Antonio fund raising simul exhibition match, everyone is invited!

GMs Joey Antonio and Eugene Torre at fund raising tournament held last July 11 in Meralco

Just a re-post for everyone's attention...

For those of you who never once in your wildest dream of ever facing one of the Philippines top GM for decades, here's your chance to make that dream come true. GM Rogelio "Joey" Antonio, currently rank no. 3 in the country and many time national champion, will hold a fund raising simultaneous exhibition match for the benefit of our RP Paralytic team which he coached, on August 1, that's Saturday, 9:00 am at MERALCO Lopez basement canteen, Ortigas, Pasig city. The entry fee is P500. For reservation and details, please visit Meralco chess club blog or inquire through email to Mr. Rolly Sol Cruz, president of Meralco chess at This is going to be the second wave of fund raising event for the benefit of our RP paralytic team after the successful staging of mini tournament last July 11, also at Meralco.

GM Joey Antonio (as always) is more than ready to answer all your questions about him and of course, chess. Take advantage of it. We'll see you all there and don't forget to bring your camera for the after the match wild photo sessions.

It should be fun!


rjsolcruz said...

Des, Tnx for helping the PARA cause. As of 2day, we only have 7 reserved slots; yours, mine, my son rhal, spawn2. epistle, edson gonzales, & darryl mata.

I am campaigning in our Club for a couple of slots para maka-19 boards man lang tayo on Sat.

By D.T. Catolos said...

matagal pa naman sir Rolly. I think we can raise the participants to at least 15 if 20 is not possible by that time.

Anonymous said...

fund raising ba yan o mukhang pera lang talaga c joey antonio... chamba lang nakapasok xa sa world cup qualifiers... at saka nde magaling na coach sa para team kc nde man lang nagtuturo