Friday, July 17, 2009

Disaster for Karpov at San Sebastian, Kasparov may not be happy

Kasparov may not be very happy with Karpov's disastrous tournament at San Sebastian. For one, Kasparov would definitely want to take on the old Karpov, not the present Karpov who was manhandled by his opponents like a piece of rag doll. Kasparov is eager for a return match with his old rival, that's for sure, having suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Karpov 2.5-1.5 the last time they faced in a one-on-one match up in 2002 in New York, but Kasparov is a competitive person even when retired from chess. Yes, Kasparov may not be a happy man right now. And you couldn't blame him.

I won't be surprised if San Sebastian turns out to be the worst tournament result Karpov had ever produced in his entire chess career in terms of winning and loosing percentage. For starters, Karpov finished the tournament with 6 losses, 3 draws with no single won game to show off (1.5/7). Sure, Karpov was just seeded second to last in this 10 player tourney, but Karpov remains Karpov. A former world champion, a legend.

The question now is, will this diminish people's interest in the said match with Kasparov?

San Sebastian was won by Hikaru Nakamura as everyone may know by now, defeating former FIDE world champion Ruslan Ponomariov in blitz play-off match, 2-0. Known all over of having blessed with two fast hands, Nakamura was the favorite to win the play-off against Ponomariov.

Final Standings

1. GM Nakamura Hikaru USA 2710 - 6,5
2. GM Ponomariov Ruslan UKR 2727 - 6,5
3. GM Svidler Peter RUS 2739 - 5,5
4. GM Kasimdzhanov Rustam UZB 2672 - 5,0
5. GM Vallejo Pons Francisco ESP 2693 - 5,0
6. GM Movsesian Sergei SVK 2716 - 4,5
7. GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime FRA 2703 - 4,5
8. GM Granda Zuniga Julio E PER 2647 - 3,5
9. GM San Segundo Carrillo Pablo ESP 2570 - 2,5
10. GM Karpov Anatoly RUS 2644 - 1,5


-Kasparov vs Karpov in Valencia
-Official tournament site

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