Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beware of new worm threat called Koobface

Here's a warning to all but most importantly I'm addressing the many Filipinos who are some of the most passionate people (and careless too) when it comes to social networking. Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Facebook etc. they're hording there. Typically very friendly, Filipinos usually have this very bad habit of collecting stranger friends in their networking sites like collecting stamps and they unwittingly put themselves and other people's security at risk. I myself keeps an account just for my very closest friends and family, but aside from that one (sorry I won't reveal it at the moment :) there's nothing else, and I know how to make my PC safe. Hear this one folks: according to Yahoo tech latest malware report:

"the worm's agenda is to transform the victim's computer into a zombie and form botnets for malicious purposes. Koobface attempts to do this by composing a message and sending it to the user's friends. The message contains a link to a Web site where a copy of the worm can be downloaded by unsuspecting friends. And the cycle repeats itself. "

"Many computer users have been conditioned not to open an attachment from an e-mail or click a link found within, but won't think twice about checking out a hot new video linked to by a trusted friend on Facebook,"

No amount of updated anti virus soft wares can truly protect us from this malicious people lurking on the web except for us to be very smart and alert all the time.

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