Monday, March 30, 2009

When a fierce civil war erupts

Below is the replay of game between the controversial match of Antonio and So. Antonio is playing the white pieces, while So had the black pieces.

As predicted, (and clamor to embarrass NCFP) by many Filipino chess kibitzer around, the game ended, well, in a draw. And many are delighted, even celebrated with the result. Filipinos cursed soccer simply because many games ended in boring 0-0 score. A draw. To be honest with everyone, I was totally against the idea of replaying the game between Antonio and So. I knew from the very start that it would create a huge rift between NCFP, players and fans. But sometimes I couldn't help but wonder, do really people who are lambasting the game to be replay really benefited by this results? On the other side of the argument, do anyone of them who are in favor of replaying the game feel cheated by the results the same way as the chiefs of the NCFP who ordered the game to be replay? NCFP acted only on what they believe is good for chess in the country the same way Antonio and So acted on what they believed is good for themselves. I mean just the two of them. Antonio, So, NCFP, and Filipino fans, we are all carried by our emotions, setting aside reasons and we consequently cheated and hurt one another. This is one of the biggest, fiercest civil war in chess I've ever witness. It's a pity. I feel bad for Wesley, for goodness sake, he's just fifteen years old, a mere boy and now look at him, he may one day build an incurable ego prone to most celebrities with huge followers. This is really bad for Wesley, somebody must explain to him that what happen was but an accident, that it was the rule and not to hurt or challenge his status as the premier chess player in the country. Now that Wesley So, Antonio and Pinoy kibitzers get their wish for a drawn game, I greatly fear that critics of Philippine chess from every corner of the planet would hit at us hard and branded Filipino chess fans as the biggest defender of quick draws on the planet and the most fanatical as well. At the moment we are, but I believe that there are always time for maturity to be develop. In fact chess in the Philippines is just being re-born. In the meantime I want everyone to take sometime to read this:

"...The duty of its citizens, then, appears to me too plain to admit of doubt. All should unite in honest efforts to obliterate the effects of the war and to restore the blessing of peace. They should remain, if possible, in the country; promote harmony and good feeling, qualify themselves to vote and elect to the State and general legislatures wise and patriotic men, who will devote their abilities to the interests of the country and the healing of all dissensions. I have invariably recommended this course since the cessation of hostilities, and have endeavoured to practise it myself...."

Robert E. Lee, letter to Governor Letcher
"Recollections And Letters Of General Robert E. Lee",


Andrade said...

Fans definitely overreacted. The attitude of Fans brass towards NCFP was totally disgusting! Quite simple - but sadly many events have wacky ideas on this and fail to conform to the international rules or any rules in fact. Creating much confusion all over the place. My feeling is, the regulars on chess forum haven't had something to complain about for a while, so having nothing else to do, they decided to pick on NCFP.

-Abu Dhabi Chess Club

Anonymous said...
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Des Catolos said...

Everyone is welcome here for their opinion but I also highly suggest that the anonymous posters on this thread should put their names to their comments, or at least get a consistent alias. It was like signing a paper confirming that we are all responsible to what we said, thus preventing cliched potshot. Thanks to all who dropped by.

Boylston Chess Club said...

I think short draws cannot be entirely forbidden. In tournaments you want to know how your competitors are doing, it's all part of ones strategy. But in team competitions the situation on the other boards may well influence your own play, which I think, short draws is perfectly legitimate.

pinoy-aussie said...


I agree with you. I fear that many pinoy chess fans are beginning to lose touch of conforming with authority. Even if Pichay and the NCFP had done something wrong, they shouldn't react that way. It's bigotry. I never know Pichay personal life nor what his stature in the Philipines, I left Pinas before Pichay took over NCFP but insulting the NCFP and its top officials doesn't contribute anything worthwhile to the debate.