Monday, March 23, 2009

The Philippines vs Asia?

During the opening and closing ceremony of the highly successful staging of 1st Barley Essential Rapid Tournament in Gateway Mall Quezon Ciy, it was mentioned by QC councilor Antonio E. Inton, Jr. that the city of Quezon is proposing a chess competition that will pit the best of Filipino chess players against "some" of the best players of Asia sometime this year and the event will be billed as "Quezon City, Philippines vs Asia". The said competition, according to councilor Inton is also aimed at increasing the sports tourism industry in the city. Though there will be no Anand, Wang Yue and other top GMs from that powerhouse nations, expect the top GMs from Indonesia, the Middle East, Vietnam and of course players from China and India to send "some" of their best in the country. Hope these will push through. Yes, please bring them over here.

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