Monday, March 30, 2009

Chesspatzer blog and Philippine Chess Chronicles

I've introduced here lately some of Philippine chess blog for you to consider. Namely Malibay Chess Club, ChessPhi, Chessph (I wish Chessph had opted for different name), and Philippine Chess Chronicle. Another chess blog of interest is Chesspatzer blog. It is being run by a Canadian based Filipino somewhere in Montreal. One particular interest is his great passion for ICC and is always up to date about the latest games and results of Filipino masters hanging out on ICC. He's also blogging about North American chess. I also noticed that Philippine Chess Chronicles is making a sort of come back after 3 months of lay off. With the absence of official Philippine chess website, these are the backbones of Philippine chess on the web. These are the hungry artists.

In the meantime, back to battle of GMs. Though there are still two more rounds to play, it is not very hard to conclude that Wesley will win this thing for the second straight year. And how dominant this kid thus far. He was held to draw by determined IM Julio Catalino Sadorra yesterday though I personally feel that Wesley shows some inaccuracy. We will try to get the PGN of the Torre-Villamayor match up as soon as we can. Two seasoned veteran going up against each other always held of great interest to me.

Round 9 on 2009/03/29 at 1630
15GMGOMEZ John Paul0 - 1GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr12
26GMTORRE Eugenio1 - 0GMVILLAMAYOR Buenaventura4
37IMNOLTE Rolando½ - ½GMLAYLO Darwin3
48GMGONZALES Jayson1 - 0IMBITOON Richard2
59GMSO Wesley½ - ½IMSADORRA Julio Catalino1
610IMDABLEO Ronald0 - 1GMPARAGUA Mark11

Rank after Round 9

NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1GMSO WesleyPHI26277,00,01,026,75
2GMANTONIO Rogelio JrPHI25195,51,01,022,75
3GMGOMEZ John PaulPHI25395,50,00,019,50
4IMSADORRA Julio CatalinoPHI24455,00,51,020,50
5GMTORRE EugenioPHI25605,00,50,017,25
6IMBITOON RichardPHI24734,51,51,020,75
7GMLAYLO DarwinPHI25044,51,00,518,75
8GMPARAGUA MarkPHI25374,50,51,017,25
9IMNOLTE RolandoPHI24883,50,50,513,50
10GMGONZALES JaysonPHI24683,50,50,014,25
11GMVILLAMAYOR BuenaventuraPHI24712,50,00,08,75
12IMDABLEO RonaldPHI24322,00,01,09,50

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chessph said...

I wasn't aware of chessphi blog when I created chessph, otherwise I would have had chosen another name. But since my blog is there, I might as well stick with the name.

Cheers! :)