Sunday, March 29, 2009

Short on draws, still remember the SAD?

"I know that with perfect play, God versus God, Fritz versus Fritz, chess is a draw" - Nigel Short

That's Nigel at his most wittiest. Simply because there are no perfect play, mortals never plays with gods, and machine sympathized with his fellow machines (Rybka hit us hard), chess after all is a decisive game.

SAD stands for Severe Acute Drawitis. Five years ago, Nigel Short invented this catch phrase to slam quick draws and even go beyond of describing that "those afflicted with SAD display an uncontrollable urge to offer or accept premature peace proposals." On the other hand, in defense of quick draws, for the sake of argument of course as I'm a chess purist, I would rather watch Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton fight to a smart draw for twelve rounds than rampages of wild power punches in a lower classes that results in early knock outs.

That's why I'm clamoring for more rapid tournaments to be held in the country for our Masters. You want decisive and exciting results? Bring more rapid tourney in the Metro and all your problems about draws will ends.

Full details from this incident between So and Antonio can be read at GMANews.TV and Chessdom.

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SonofPearl said...

So why Nigel Short offer Hou Yifan a quick draw in Corus? Isn't it ironic?