Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who is IM Al Sayed Mohamad N?

The "Filipino killer" of the ACCC, Al Sayed, Mohamad of Qatar

So far, we absolutely knew nothing about this talented young guy, IM Al Sayed Mohamad N. of Qatar (2496) who is about to face GM Wesley So today. What we know for certain is that he has already defeated three Filipino chess players in our own turf. Al Sayed defeated Deniel Causo in round 3, GM Eugene Torre in round 4 and GM John Paul Gomez in round 6. Surely, So is on a different class from those three mentioned but whats remarkable is of Al Sayed's having beaten GM Torre, the second highest rank player in the country, and Gomez, the third highest, is a thing worth putting into account before the So-Al Sayed duel. I can't remember when was the last time that an IM man handling every Filipino masters and GMs that was thrown against him. One can't help, including this blogger but admire the guy's courage and mettle in a foreign land. The So-Al Sayed match up, I'm pretty sure will be the most anticipated match up of the tournament for many Wesley So followers. Is Al Sayed still carrying the momentum to upset So? We will see today.

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