Monday, May 25, 2009

Videos: Chess in RP curriculum

A late find, but since the 2009 school year will finally start one week from now, and so is the historical moment in Philippine education of including chess in school curriculum, this video worth another look. Speaking were GM Eugene Torre and GM Wesely So, throwing their full support for Department of Education and the just established National Chess Academy. A must view!

Video #1 (English) saw a grade school boy (starting 1:21) sacrificed a rook, to GM Torre and GM Gonzales delight.

Video #2 (Tagalog) has this following interview of another grade school boy:

(starting 01:47 seconds)
Question: Why do you love playing chess?
Boy: So I can check mate my opponents.


Hugo said...

Are these chess trainer will be paid or they are just mere volunteer?

Anonymous said...

Actually they don't since it was the teachers themselves of Physical Education who will train the students.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see GM Torre and GM So fronting the development of chess in our country. The past and the future working in harmony always come up in positive results for the present.

-Sasha :X

Catolos said...

Yours truly also volunteer to be a chess trainer this coming school year. Cheers!