Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Album of 8th Asian Continental Chess Championship: and the Wesley So look alike!

Wrong folks. The photo on the left is not Wesley So but Vietnamese IM Nguyen Thanh Son! Notice the striking resemblance, eh?

After the tournament official website experienced some bandwidth problems with the photos, finally, the webmaster got everything in order again and this allows us to view the complete pictures of the players that participated at ACCC. For complete photos from the Open Section of the tournament, please see them HERE. And for the Women Section, they are over HERE. Browsing through the photos, I made a discovery. There is one Vietnamese player though, that bears striking resemblance with Wesley So, at least at first glance. That lad is no other than IM Nguyen Thanh Son. It would be nice to see these two come face to face with each other on the board. The So-Son match up.


cheszka said...

Great find. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Wesley would agree with the comparison ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, the links you provided are very good resource for bloggers. good job!!!


Catolos said...

enjoy the photos guys!