Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Philippine media coverage of US Championship

Why, who happens to be one of the premier Philippine online newspaper on the web had to acquired chess information through a billiard website and as a result, the US Championship update they published last night is actually three days and three rounds late? This blog had already post updates about the US Championship and IM Sevillano's round for round progress. Perhaps they can go directly to the US Championship official website to gather information or much better, subscribe to some of the leading online chess newspaper such as Of course this blogger cannot afford for any paid subscription but what amazed me most is that chess blogs in the Philippines though may not be well written and crisp as commercial online and print newspapers, remains the most valuable information of free updates (and entertainment too) when it comes to Philippine and world chess scene. That's the truth folks.

Now, to US championship. IM Sevillano won his five round assignment in the battle of the past US champions. Sevillano defeated two time winner, GM Alexander Shabalov (2620) to raise his score to 2.5 points, good for 15th place.

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