Tuesday, May 12, 2009

US Open updates: Sevillano struggling, Kaidanov was soften.

"Sure, I'll see you on Friday". And she'll be back to get cha!
Photo courtesy of chessbase

There's an interesting story during the third round of the US Open. IM Anna Zatonskih, the 2008 Women’s Champion was taken to hospital after she became ill before her third round game against GM Gregory Kaidanov. Kaidanov, who could easily have claimed the win by default, offered to postpone their "face off" until the official rest day on Friday. Of course just like every women who receives a box of chocolate for no apparent reason from her male counterpart, Anna quickly welcomes Kaidanov's "idea" without having second thoughts. Either you call it as an act of true sportsmanship on Kaidanov's part or he's just unknowingly following the natural instinct of men towards women, I say Kaidanov must make sure that he will not commit a mistake against the US women champion, a certified men eater, when they meet on Friday.

In the meantime, after four rounds, Cebu native and co-defending champion of the championship, IM Enrico Sevillano only managed to post a single victory, a draw and two losses for a total of mere 1.5 points good for 19th place over all. The #1 seed and favorite for the title, Gata Kamsky still holds the top spot with 3.0 points.

-US Open Official website

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