Friday, May 8, 2009

Wesley So delivers

Wesley So first win of the tournament came in the third round, providing the lone victory for the Bank of Quingdao, seeded 4th, in the ongoing Chinese chess league in Beijing but held to a draw by 9th seed Jiangsu 2.5 - 2.5. Wesley lost his first round assignment against GM Zhang Pengxiang (2638), Draw his second round game against GM Zhao Jun (2560) before defeating GM Wu Wenjin (2412). On Round 4, Wesley will be pitied against Chinese most succesful player ever, super GM Wang Yue (2738) of top seed Tianjin. This is only the fourth time that Wesley will be facing a 2700+ rated player. Wesley defeated GM Ni Hua of China at Dresden Olympiad, and drew his matches with GM Alexei Shirov of Spain, also at Dresden and Sergei Karjakin of Ukraine at Asian cities team championship in UAE.

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Anonymous said...

di tuloy Yue-So. Nilipat si Yue sa board 3. Sayang!