Wednesday, May 13, 2009

US Championship not US Open

Fixed! It's US championship and not US Open. Thanks for the correction sir, I appreciate it. Some mental lapses, sir. The fault is mine. Perhaps I would need to hire a proof reader and an editor for my blog in the near future :)

The Asian Continental Championship in Subic starts today at 3 p.m. Unfortunately, yours truly is still unable to find the list of round one pairings. I dropped NCFP website an email as early as May 10, introduce myself as a volunteer chess blogger but haven't received any reply for that matter. But as soon as we get some information, results, or if available, the PGNs from round 1, we will post them here.


yullian bei said...

that's right sir, I have been searching information on this tournament and zero result. maybe just sms wesley so :)?? i try to cover the indonesian player on my blog also. perhaps we should join strenght and petitioned the organizer to hand over the PGN. hohoho.

Catolos said...

Okay best of luck to your chess blog.