Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wesley So in a Chinese league

There is no official English translation from the official website of 2009 Country League Chess Tournament in Beijing so we have to content (or tolerate) with Babel Fish. As far as our logic and reasoning tells us, this is what we understand. I hope I get them right. Good luck to me!

-Wesley So will play for East China Sea oxygen team
-tournament starts on May 5
-with 8 foreign players
-there are 4 rounds to be played

Below are excerpts from Babel Fish translation on Wesley So's profile.

Su Weili (Wesley So) Chinese 16 year-old young fellow Su Weili present rank minute 2641, ranked 89th position.

He has the fame very much in the Philippines, receives the local media widely to pay attention, and has won the outstanding Philippine Chinese people big prize in last year. This is he attends the Chinese league tournament for the first time, representative is promoted family of team the Mahai oxygen.

-Tournament official website (Babel Fish translation)

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