Sunday, August 31, 2008

Under-16 Chess Olympiad RP bronze: A review

So and Pascua wasn't able to attend the awarding ceremony because they have to hurry home to prepare for their next tournaments. It is not true what other accused of campo of wanting to steal the show ;)

Honorary FIDE President Florencio "Campo" Campomanes wrote an interesting article regarding the recently concluded World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad held at Mersin Turkey where the Philippine team lead by chess wizard, GM Wesley So finished third over all behind power house India and Russia. Campo wrote:

By FLORENCIO CAMPOMANES (Former president of the International Chess Federation, FIDE)

"...they were all 14 years of age. Jam was the Benjamin, leaving his 13th only a few weeks before Mersin. Other teams were mostly 15 or 16-year teenagers. In today’s electronic chess mode, one or two years of difference in age can mean a lot."

"They played their hearts out to gain some honors for the country in international sports, considering the poor RP medal harvests of late- Five Bronze medals and a fair-sized trophy for the team, and a gold medal for Wesley and his Board One performance, only two draws and unbeaten. All told, not bad! To get these, they defeated the top-seeded Russia, England and Turkey in their individual confrontations. They lost solely to winner India with the lowest margin of difference."

You can read the rest of the article HERE

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