Monday, September 14, 2009

Wesley So's simul games at Fresno Chess Club

While eavesdropping randomly at Wesley So's page at, I came upon this piece of info about Wesley So who are now in the US accompanied by his father William, for his forthcoming participation in 2009 SPICE Cup. According to an email sent to Ms Leny So, mother of Wesley So, Wesley had just conducted a 30 board simultaneous exhibition games. The said simul games took place at Fresno Chess Club and attracted 30 participants (surely that's the maximum number of participants allowed), 3 of them are Filipinos and the simul lasted for just two ours. He's undefeated, winning all games. Now, that's pretty quick!

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Dino said...

Hey eavesdropper! The future world champion should win all his games, and he did. All 33 games in just over 2 Hours. Age groups ranged from 6-50. And, it was a privilege to lose my game to another GM. :)

Dino A. Bonaldi
Fresno Chess Club