Sunday, September 20, 2009

SPICE Cup round 1: So - Kuzubov, a draw

Only one decisive game in round 1, and that is in the B group. Sometimes one couldn't help but think that handling the white pieces at the start of a round robin tournament might not be an advantage at all. We've seen it many times in the past. It's just that players want to stay close with the peloton, see if others will make a break away, then, if allowed, catch up with him later. But nevertheless, the game So-Kuzubov (34 moves) is the only game in the A group that can be considered a real attempt to break away from the peloton group. The Akobian - Mamedov games lasted for only 21 moves while the Andreikin - Hammer took just 20 moves.

A group

GM Akobian (2008 SPICE Cup C0-Champ) 1/2 GM Mamedov
GM Andreikin 1/2 GM Hammer
GM So 1/2 GM Kuzubov

B group

GM Bhat 1/2 IM Kuljasevic
IM Finegold 1/2 IM Ippolito
IM Robson 1/2 GM Perelshteyn (2007 SPICE Cup Champ)
IM Papp 1/2 FM Rensch
IM Antal 1-0 GM Diamant

Round 2 Pairings, Group A

Mamedov - Kuzubov

Hammer - So

Akobian - Andreikin

Replay of all games from A and B group can be viewed at

Photos from round 1

Commented games of So-Kusubov at chessdom

Father and son, William and Wesley So before the start of round 1

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