Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Karjakin may have Kasparov ex-trainer but Carlsen has Kasparov himself for his trainer!

This news and photos from ChessBase just confirm that Magnus Carlsen is indeed, training with Garry Kasparov. Oh how bitter for some elite chess prodigies. This may finally explain Sergey Karjakin's decision to leave mother Ukraine for Russia in search of better trainers. And he got what he wished for by acquiring the service of ex Kasparov trainer, Yuri Dokhoian last April. But ironically, look what his rival prodigy had just pulled under the table. He got the great Kasparov himself! Couldn't get any better trainer than 13th world champion. I say if you can't show any money with Kaspa, who has long been retired, his venture for political career remains dim and in search for a high paying part time jobs, Kaspa can tell you point blank to better hit the road. How much they will pay Kasparov for the duration of his employment with Carlsen remains a secret. But it definitely is expensive. Last week we have this post about the idea of introducing chess software instructors over traditional human instructor. I guess you may find the comparison a bit interesting. Below are some excerpt from the English translation by Magnus father, Henrik, also from ChessBase :

In complete secrecy chess star Magnus Carlsen, 18, has engaged the history's greatest chess player, Garry Kasparov, as a personal trainer. The goal is to make the Norwegian, who currently ranks as the fourth-best chess player in the world, the world's best during the course of the coming year. In addition, Magnus Carlsen of Lommedalen will be built up to become the strongest brand in international chess.

Magnus Carlsen said that he looks forward to working with Kasparov. "He has an extreme capacity for work, extreme determination to win and extreme perfectionism," said Carlsen. "Now I hope to be get more of these properties for myself. The goal is to become number one in the world."

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