Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SPICE Cup round 3, So - Akobian is a draw

GM Wesley So drew his game with 2007 SPICE Cup co-champ Varuzhan Akobian of USA. Wesley So game is not featured last night at chessdom for the live commentary but we provided a link below where you can view and replay all the games for everyone's convenience. In the main attraction of the round, Kuzubov defeated So's tormentor in the 2nd round to share the lead with Andrekin with 2.0 points each. Commentary for this game is also provided by chessdom.

A Group

Andreikin 1/2 Mamedov

So 1/2 Akobian

Kuzubov 1-0 Hammer

B Group

Finegold 1-0 Kuljasevic

Robson 0-1 Bhat

Papp 1-0 Ippolito

Antal 0-1 Perelshteyn

Diamant 1/2 Rensch

Standings after 3 rounds:

A Group

1-2. Andreikin, Kuzubov 2.0
3-4. Hammer, Mamedov 1.5
5-6. So, Akobian 1.0

B Group

1. Finegold 2.5
2-5. Bhat, Antal, Perelshteyn, Papp 2.0
6. Robson 1.5
7-9. Diamant, Kuljasevic, Rensch 1.0
10. Ippolito 0.0

Replay of all games from Monroi.com

LIVE commentary of the Kuzubov - Hammer game by Chessdom.com: http://www.chessdom.com/news-2009/kuzubov-hammer-spice-cup

Round 3 photos (61 pics): http://picasaweb.google.com/SPICEChess/2009SPICECupRound3

Varuzhan Akobian employing his favorite French against So in round 3

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