Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chess and the internet: the Philippines is still among the most passionate about the game

Just recently, Susan Polgar posted in her blog regarding the top countries that are following her blog since the 2009 SPICE Cup started last Sunday in Lubbock, Texas where GM Wesley So is presently competing, his first major tournament in the US. According to her blog, the stats shows that the Philippines has overtaken the USA, the number two internet user in the world, in terms of number that is following the 2009 SPICE Cup. How about that for a nation that is nowhere to be found among the top 20 internet users in the world? This development surprised me a lot and we can argue this for days but fact remains that Filipinos still pretty much in love with their chess my dear.

Top 15 countries (of 127) following Susan Polgar's blog

24.32% Philippines

18.92% United States

12.16% Norway

9.46% Japan

5.41% Netherlands

5.41% Spain

4.05% Canada

4.05% United Kingdom

2.70% Italy

2.70% India

2.70% Israel

1.35% France

1.35% Malaysia

1.35% Australia

1.35% Korea, Republic Of

1.35% Sweden

1.35% Switzerland

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Anonymous said...

It was quite surprising to know that Philippines is not ranked among top 20 users… well, maybe because most Filipinos are not yet abrupt subscriber of DSL’s and they prefer prepaid cards which is a lot cheaper.