Thursday, September 17, 2009

Karpov - Anand Rapid match: But we want Kasparov - Anand rematch!

Many have already predicted a Kasparov domination of Karpov in their upcoming return match this coming September 21-24 in Valencia, Spain owing to Karpov's poor performance lately despite Kasparov's long absence from playing serious chess. But this news from chessdom about Karpov's own rapid match with Anand, the chess world may witness a true "annihilation" in the game of chess never witness in many years. You have Anand, the world's top rapid players for many years facing Karpov who is experiencing some of the worst moments of his long illustrious career, I should say Karpov would be lucky enough to pull off a single victory against Anand.

If this kind of event is possible these days, why not bring on the possible rematch between Kasparov and Anand themselves? It would be bigger than the Kasparov-Karpov. Perhaps even bigger than the Anand - Topalov world championship match. In fact, Anand has been calling on Kasparov for years so why not make it happen?

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