Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you experienced?

Wesley fans can expect (and hope) that Wesley So will be among the invitees to this chess event, the Experience vs the Rising Stars of chess sooner than later. Going into Holland, the game by former World Junior Champion and four time USSR champion Alexander Beliavsky, 55, against the young upstart from China, the youngest female grandmaster in history Hou Yifan, 15, just caught my attention. I like it. First, Beliavsky exhibits a brilliant end game lesson against Hou. Second, the age gap separated this two, 40 years to be more exact, made this match up even more interesting. The Experience dominates the Rising stars, 27.5 - 22.5 which was held last August 20 to 31 in Amsterdam, Holland.

GM Rogelio Antonio mentioned about the plan of staging the first ever "pay-per-view" chess tournament in the country. Perhaps NCFP can imitate this one? That will be a sure winner.

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Andrade said...

Wesley should take care of SPICE CUP and Corus B first before thinking of this one :)