Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fish(cher) Be With You

Yesterday, the world commemorates the victims of the tragic 9-11 terror attack in the US. We don't want to make an exaggeration of Bobby Fischer in such so sensitive an issue. I guess everyone knows what we mean by that. We're referring about the highly controversial live Radio interview of Bobby Fischer conducted by no other than GM Eugene Torre himself last September 11, 2001 in Baguio City, the Philippines, after the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. If you are still curious, that 9-11 radio interview of Fischer is still available in youtube, but I don't think it would be appropriate to post it here. Not this time. But be warn that it's just too graphic.

In the lighter side, in a recent article by Frank Pestano for last thursday, he wrote that Fischer love eating Balut, a popular Filipino street food that many foreigners find quite disgusting:

"The six-foot Bobby Fischer used to consume large servings of Filipino food and adored sinigang when he lived in the Philippines for almost two years, said Marilyn Torre, wife of Eugene Torre. She said Fischer used to consume five balut in one sitting every day. Fischer asked Marilyn to bring him 50 such eggs when she went to Yugoslavia with her husband for Fischer’s rematch with Spassky. GM Eugene Torre served as Fischer’s second in the match.

“Bonggoy,” that is how Eugene Torre calls his friend Bobby Fischer."

As if this were not all enough about Fischer, Chessdom has been digging the archives as well, lately they published From Fish to Fischer

Ah, yes, in a time like this, Fish(cher) Be With You.

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