Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPICE Cup 10th and final round: Wesley So's last stand in Texas

GM Wesley So, the second seeded player here in 2009 SPICE Cup group A, is still looking for that elusive first win in this category 16 tournament. Going into the final round, So posted eight draws with one defeat. The loss came in the second round when he bowed to young Norwegian, Jon Ludvig Hammer. So is currently placed last in the group of 6 GMs. Wesley will make his last stand from Lubbock, Texas against the co-leader of the tournament, Dmitry Andreikin. So hopes that he wins his last game against Andreikin and Akobian beats Kusubov, and the Hammer-Mamedov ended in a draw to create a 6 way tie for first! Anyway, a win in the final round is just about fine. Regardless.

Standings after 9 rounds

1. Kusubov 5.0
2. Andreikin 5.0
3. Hammer 4.5
4. Mamedov 4.5
5. Akobian 4.0
6. So 4.0

Live coverage is happening here: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/spice/SPICE_CUP_2009_LIVE_COVERAGE.php

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