Monday, September 21, 2009

SPICE Cup round 2, Wesley So defeated, but Susan was charmed by his fans!

It was sorry to see Wesley So being man handled so early in the game in front of his adoring fans at Lubbock, Texas. By the 22nd move, the game was pretty much against his odds. The ensuing moves was a long, torturous one for Wesley. Nevertheless, Susan Polgar was charmed and awed by the supporter of Wesley So as she wrote on her blog:

The Filipino community in this region is absolutely incredible. They on their own raised some money to support their own player. Some even drove 5-6 hours to come to Lubbock to support Wesley So.

I also had a number of conversations with Wesley's Dad and Ray's Dad in the past 2 days. We came up with some very interesting ideas to help some of the most talented kids. As soon as we finalize the details, I will make the official announcement.

Sunday, September 20 / 2pm - Round 2

A group

Mamedov 1/2 Kuzubov
Hammer 1-0 So
Akobian 0-1 Andreikin

Sunday, September 20 / 2pm - Round 2
B group

Kuljasevic 1/2 Diamant
Rensch 0-1 Antal
Perelshteyn 1/2 Papp
Ippolito 0-1 Robson
Bhat 1/2 Finegold

Standings after 2 rounds

Group A

1-2. Andreikin, Hammer 1.5
3-4. Kuzubov, Mamedov 1.0
5-6. So, Akobian 0.5

Group B

1. Antal 2.0
2-3 Robson, Finegold 1.5
4-7. Papp, Bhat, Kuljasevic, Perelshteyn 1.0
8-9. Diamant, Rensch 0.5
10. Ippolito 0.0

Hammer - So game commentary by

Replay of all games from A and B group in round 2 can be viewed at

Round 2 Photos

Jon Ludvig Hammer - Wesley So, looking at the elegant trophies.

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