Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Asian Indoor Games qualifying tilt: Paragua wins tourney as Antonio collapses

As GM Joey Antonio collapses in the latter rounds of the tournament by settling with three consecutive draws, GM Mark Paragua on the other hand surged with three straight wins to capture the title for this year's Asian Indoor Games qualifying tournament held at the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) Employees’ Lounge in Diliman, Quezon City. Catherine Perena wins the women's division of the event. More detailed reports from Positive News Media and Ed Andaya of

Paragua, Antonio, Nolte and Gonzales will represent the country in the Asian Indoor Games scheduled Sept. 30-Oct. 8 in Vietnam.

Final standings:


12.5 points -- M. Paragua
11 -- R. Antonio
10.5 – R. Nolte
10 – J. Gonzales, D. Laylo
9.5 – R. Dableo, J. Gomez
8 – B. Vilamayor
7.5 -- J. de Ramos, A. Branzuela, H. Pascua
6.5 – B. Nadera
6 – E. Senador
5.5 – C. Castellano
5 – M. Turqueza, R. Legaspi
4.5 – B. Valencia


9.5 points – C. Perena
9 – Shercila Cua, C. Mariano
7.5 – B. Mendoza
6.5 – Sherily Cua, L. Medina
6 – J., Docena, D. Rivera, B. Galas
4.5 – S. Peque
4 – J. Berago
2.5 – G. Malbog
1 – R. Tunguia


Anonymous said...

Where can we find copies of games online, preferably in PGN format?

This one area where we, Filipinos, are weak. We tend to be secretive about our games with the notions that future opponents would be able to prepare against us.

These are the days of the databases and we don't go by it we would be left behind.

It is quite ironic that we wish to have games of our international opponents so we can prepare for them but we don't want our games known to other parties. Has this practice improved our results? Currently the evidence point to the contrary.

It is better if others find the holes in our preparation so we can improve on them rather than keep it to ourselves until someone in an important tournament uncorks the refutation to our demise.

Show us the games please!


Des Catolos said...

They (Filipino masters) rarely write down their moves during rapid tournaments. for standard and classical time, NCFP, being a non profit org. doesn't employed someone to do the task of uploading PGN on their site.

The Chess Connoisseur said...

I agree that recording of games in rapid contest is not mandatory. So we need only get copies from the players doing so. However, in top board games the players may use Monroi PLC as being employed in tournaments other than the Philippines.

Regarding normal tournament games, all that are needed to do is for the organizers to include it in their organization of a chess competition--not necessarily the NCFP.

Not having employed someone to upload the games is just a convenient excuse. What about asking or looking for volunteers?

That is a real pity!

Thanks we have a Wesley So that keeps the flame of Philippine Chess burning...but that is an entirely a different topic.

Keep up the good work.