Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bobby Fischer's video of his first visit to the Philippines

Last week, we posted here the video of Bobby Fischer's second visit to the Philippines in 1973. This video is a much earlier one, from his first visit to the country in 1967. A handsome young man of just 24. The sponsor of the tournament, the MERALCO, gave this collection of photo of Bobby Fischer as a gift to commemorate his trip. Amazing thing is, Bobby Fischer has yet to become a world champion when he visits the Philippines but look at the kind of reception he receives.

This one is a must see for all Filipino chess aficionados.



Anonymous said...

at 2:18, Fischer and Balinas just drew their game but look who actually escape with the draw, it looks like Fisher himself, with Balinas two powerful rooks lording over black's seventh rank. See, Bobby is scratching his head, and a smile on Balinas face!

Engr. Mike Dulao said...

Torre didn't appear to be part of this series? Torre and Fischer are good friends I presume?