Friday, September 25, 2009

Speed chess ruins the 'purity' of the game

The blitz games just played by two former world champion, the K-K, in their return exhibition match in Valencia have finally got the attention of the chess purist and perhaps deservedly, received its due criticism. I'm just actually waiting for any influential chess personalities to finally throw their bombs at the discipline the K-K return match is employing to get the much needed hype from the chess masses. At last, we found one. Richard Alleyne of quoted GM Malcolm Pein, the Daily Telegraph chess correspondent:

He (Pein) also believes that it could lead to a reduction in the “highest level of the game”...

“It is a little bit like one day cricket gaining pre-eminence over Test cricket,” said Mr Pein, himself a grandmaster.

“As a little bit of a traditionalist I am just a little concerned with losing the purity of the slow game where you get the highest level of chess.

“But of course one has to move with the times and in a sense Kasparov and Karpov would not want to play a long match of what they call classical chess because it is just too exhausting.”

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