Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nothing goes easy for Topalov-Kamsky match

It looks like the Bulgarian Chess Federation will not leave any stone unturned for the forthcoming semi final match between their grandmaster and current world no.1 player, Vaselin Topalov and the new Bulgarian public enemy no.1 US grandmaster Gata Kamsky. Strings of protest from BCF may jeopardized the success of the semi final match up -or it may not:

"We still do not know any details about where and in what conditions will be the match, and the announced by you date November 26th is approaching...Mr Ilymzhinov, please inform me where and when the match will take place.We insist the decision for the match to be reflected in the players contracts, and they to be signed before the other semi final match between GM Kramnik and GM Anand. Further delay could be fatal and to ruin all the efforts so far. I think nobody has interest in the failure of the match Topalov - Kamsky. The Bulgarian chess player who is N1 in the current rank list cannot be eliminated from the competition for the world championship. " Stefan Sergiev wrote, President of BCF to GIDE president Ilyumzhinov Read the rest of the story from

Yup. It is pretty obvious that there's still a lot more work to be done. As for Gata Kamsky. I think he's just more than happy for the opportunity to get a shot for a world title. Anywhere but not in Bulgaria.

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