Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bobby Fischer's 67th birthday: from the Philippines with memories

The whole chess communities commemorates Bobby Fischer's 67th birthday last March 9. Fischer died just two years ago and he remains one of the most recognizable figure in the sport. For one, this country leaves an ever lasting impression to Fischer. His first and second visits to the Philippines in 1967 and 1973, he was treated like a rock star. He lives here for three years in Baguio City, find a partner and there was even a very strong claim that he even bore a daughter with his ex live in partner. GM Eugene Torre, for example has many fond things to say about Fischer. It is known the chess world all over regarding the tight bond between Torre and the troubled genius that is Fischer even after the former's death. They were the best of friends and even picks Torre to be one of his seconds in his 1992 rematch with Borris Spassky. Not known to many, Torre helps promote the chess game variation called Fisherandom or chess 960 which Fischer invented himself. In every tournament Torre visited, it's a rare occasion you will hear Torre not mentioning Bobby's name. In one corner of the room where an informal conversation is taking place, you just have to sneak in and chances are that you'll catch up Bobby's name in Torre's lips. In tournaments for kids where he is to deliver inspirational speech, he always makes an example of Fischer's hard work, dedication and discipline to achieve success. Of course Torre never mention about the "other" sides of Fischer to kids which is quite understandable. Fischer is not really a perfect role model for children. Torre understand that and we agree to that. Let us stick to what Fischer did to chess.

I always thought that had Fischer escaped the detention in Japan on board to the Philippines in 2004, he might end up being a Filipino citizen instead and not Icelandic.

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Rest In Peace Bobby! We have missed you! (sort of...)