Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks everyone.

Would like to extend my warm appreciation to those people who sends their greetings through emails, facebook, comment box and text messages for our second year in chess blogging. We greatly appreciate it.

Please let me remind everyone that I do not solicit any donations so you guys watch out for that. If you received any emails asking to buy me "a cup of coffee", I assure you that's not coming from me. Please feel free to send me updates, notification or anything you want to share or contribute through email.


Tony said...

Congratulations Des! Keep it up, hold the torch up!

Anonymous said...

congrats bro. hope you continue what you've started here in chess heroes. more power to you.


Tony said...

Congrats part 2 for the 'tribute' done by chessdom.

I guess those are the 'paconsuelo'
which they know how, for the Corus
commentator link-up.