Thursday, March 4, 2010

ChessHeroes is two years old

On this day, March 5, my chess blog ChessHeroes was born. CH is now two years old! We have posted around 800 posts here, met many people from all walks of life, from different places and different races and through the years, here's (only) a dozen things I could think of about being an amateur blogger, the toughest job in the world!

1. he must be his own writer,
2. he must be his own editor,
3. he must be his own photographer,
4. he must be his own researcher,
5. he must be his own proof reader,
6. he must be his own web designer,
7.he must be his own critic,

8. he must be a theorist,
9. he must be a poet,
10. he must be a dramatist,
9. he must be a humorist,
9. he must be a philosopher,
10. he must be a linguistic,
11. he must be a story teller,
12. and most of all, he must be a humanist.

you name it...

I always held a belief that just as it is the art director who must be responsible to an audience, the blogger, if he or she is to maintain his integrity, must be responsible to himself. We're talking about responsible blogging. A good curator of one's own museum is one who can walked about silently along the hallways and to just point and present to the visitors a work of art with a hand out.


cheszka said...

keep it up! congratulation and more power to your blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Des,

Keep it up! Information dominates us all. And coming from a source you amplify it, extend it and make it in a more creative substance that everyone enjoys reading.

Good luck!

Bong Villamayor

Jason said...

best of luck to you and keep on blogging. forward Philippines chess!