Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GM Nelson Mariano II gets justice

It's been more than a month since the first press release published involving the case of Singapore based Filipino GM Nelson Mariano II and the Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and its Manager Lee Fon Man. I never know the complete details of the story but the interlocutory judgment document can be view here. It involves again, one of those many cases of people who go beyond of using the internet as medium to discredit people without having seconds thoughts about the negative consequences of his or her actions. We are very happy for GM Nelson Mariano II. GM Mariano II is a former Asian Junior Champion.

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Grandmaster Nelson Mariano II won judgment against Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and its Manager Lee Fon Man, alias Robert Lee aka Samuel Lee for defaming the Grandmaster on the internet. He has called the Grandmaster a mongrel amongst many other things.

The Singapore District Court ruled on 29 Dec 2009 that statements made by Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and Lee were defamatory. The Court also rejected Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and Lee's defences, and ordered them to compensate Grandmaster Mariano by paying damages. The Court will investigate into the amount of damages that Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and Lee have to pay Grandmaster Mariano at a later stage. The Court has also ordered Powerchess Asia Pte Ltd and Lee to be restrained from defaming Grandmaster Mariano in future. (A copy of the judgement is attached.)

Grandmaster Mariano - also known as "Grandmaster Jet" to his many fans because of his lightning play - is now teaching at Chesskidz LLP. Grandmaster Mariano said, "I am very happy with the result. The Singapore Court has dealt with my complaint fairly and efficiently.

We thank our students and their parents for showering us with many messages of support during this difficult time. We would also like to thank Congressman Prospero Pichay Jr. (President of the NCFP) for his support and Mr Willie Abalos (Executive Director of NCFP), Muntinlupa Coach Eng'r.Joel Hicap, University Of the East, Mr Go Teng Kok , President of Philippines Athletic Association , my family and all the parents and most of all, our students. Last but not least, we would like to thank our lawyers Adrian Tan, Wendell Wong and Choo Tse Yun of Drew and Napier for working tirelessly for our cause. We are grateful for their patience and kindness.

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