Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carlsen, Kasparov parted ways

It must have been a partnership but it's over now. It must have been good, but they lost it somehow. The sudden parting of ways is indeed, ahead of the schedule but it's bound to end sooner than later. They've been scratching each others back for for just about three months and one of them might felt that the other is getting the best of this scratching thing. The result, they both call it quits. It is noted that Carlsen won major tournaments under Kasparov tutelage, rises at the top and became the second highest rated player in history just behind his trainer. Now people were talking "hey, how much Carlsen have improved since Kasparov trained him! He can't do it without Kasparov" But that's kind of trolling, of course and I don't really buy it. It maybe a partnership made in heaven but like jealous lovers, it just didn't work out well. Carlsen just keeps what he thinks is most important to him and so is Kasparov. And that what contains below:

The most likely primary explanation of the break is, however, financial. Last year's agreement that the two legends were working together noted that Kasparov's services were "expensive", They have included training camps in Croatia and Morocco and unique access for Carlsen to Kasparov's feared personal database, containing many potent opening novelties which their owner never got the chance to use in his own games.

Technically speaking he remains work in progress and to the outsider this is an unnatural moment for the pair to go their separate ways. So it is easy to think back to Kasparov's stormy disagreements with fellow grandmasters in the 1980s and the 1990s, when he had the reputation of a serial killer of chess organisations, or to his long feuds with Anatoly Karpov and Vlad Kramnik. Kasparov can be overbearing and it would not be a surprise if the laid-back Carlsen began to find his teacher's personality oppressive.

Such is the human heart, sometimes.

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