Sunday, March 21, 2010

US based Filipino chess champ, Arthur Macaspac opens chess cafe in Rahway New Jersey

Many foreign based Filipino chess players has proven that you can be a competitive player and a successful businessman as well. Recently, Arthur Macaspac, a U.S. Army Reserve captain who has won several Army chess championships opens a chess club and cafe in the heart of New Jersey called Chess Mates. Although relatively new to this kind of business venture, Macaspac shows confidence as he told the

Macaspac is planning several revenue streams with his business: chess lessons, tournaments and the sale of chess merchandise, as well as cafe items. There also will be membership fees.

He plans to work with the Rahway YMCA — located almost across Irving Street from his business — to offer chess camps in the summer. He also plans to work with the recreation center.

"I would like to attract well-known chess players. If I can do that, I can help chess players improve their skills," he said. "If you play for 20 years and play against your level, you may inch up. But if you play against professionals your play gets better. If I can attract good players, than more good players will come."

Macaspac said he chose to locate his business in Rahway because of its train station.

"It's less than 40 minutes from New York," said, Macaspac, adding the area is also accessible to Philadelphia. "The most populated area for chess players is the east."

Chicago based Pinoy IM Angelo Young also own and run a similar chess club called Touch Move and his establishment is a good example of Filipino success in chess business venture in the US. Perhaps Mr Macaspac may one day want to go down to Chicago and have some coffee breaks with IM Young to get some helpful tips.

Address of business: 1523 Irving St. in the Park Square complex
Type of business: Chess club and cafe
Principals: Arthur Macaspac
How long in business: Since March 1
Number of employees: Two
Telephone number: 760-583-8429 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 760-583-8429 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Web site:

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