Monday, March 22, 2010

The Philippines shock Brazil in football, 6-2!!!

Don't be so surprise though if you fond out that this group of street children are the only kids who plays football in the 90 million populace of the archipelago. And yet they accomplished the impossible. Photo from

Never in my wildest dream. That's all we can say. Can't really remember (or there's really no such thing in the past) when was the last time a football team from this helplessly basketball crazy country ever beaten a world powerhouse in football such as Brazil! No, not like Brazil but Brazil the nation itself. Yeah, you may call this just a bunch of street kids playing in unheralded Street Child World Cup by hey, Brazil is Brazil and Brazil is football and football is Brazil. You can't split them apart. You can bet there are tens of thousands street children playing football even in the narrowest and darkest of alleys in Brazil. But I say, when was the last time you see a group of street kids playing football in the streets of this country?


“We are a football team from a ‘basketball’ country that’s participating in a football tournament made up of teams from ‘football’ countries,” says Ed Formoso, manager of the team. “So how much of a chance do we really have in this event? It’s a question asked of me by so, so many. But when you believe so much in a project, and especially when you pray, you learn to believe that miracles might-can-will happen. So, will winning games in South Africa be a miracle? This is a team built on prayer and it has already won by getting as far as this. This far, these kids - it’s a miracle team already.”

With all due respect to Nora Aunor but mayroon himala.

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Anonymous said...

They should stick together as a team. Who knows what they can accomplish in the future?


Tony said...

I've also toned down on basketball, specially after the Middle East behemoths stamped their class.

Bakit nga ba majority of the Phils hasnt caught the soccer bug? But in the Ilonggo areas, its the main sport.

My youngest is into it and now regularly watches the ESPN games.

There's also a number of talented Pinoy soccer players who play in Europe as pros or semi-pros.